For more than 15 years, as its name implies, CollegeAdvice has done exactly what it set out to do:  provide students and their families with sound and practical advice about colleges and the college admission process.   During an emotional and exciting time, CollegeAdvice  guides the family through the hectic demands of getting your student into college. It has helped hundreds of students fulfill their promise, and attain their dreams, by helping them get into the college or university that is the "best fit" for them.  Finding that fit will lead to the "best college" for your student.  To accomplish that goal, CollegeAdvice outlines a plan specific to your student's aspirations, using proven expertise and experience in a winning combination of assessment, strategy, and personal attention.

The CollegeAdvice College Admissions Program features an in-depth review of your student's academic, athletic, artistic and/or extracurricular achievements; it works with each family to maximize a student's talents, skills, and successes.  It makes sure that students are headed in the right direction, that they learn what they have to do in order to get to where they want to go.  The earlier they start, the better their results. 

In addition, the copyrighted CollegeAdvice "Bell Curve" Schools Selection helps chart that future course by pinpointing possibilities and placing students on a positive path to reach their goals.

The thousands of acceptances over the years by CollegeAdvice clients include all of the top 250+ colleges and universities in the United States, as well as a few in Europe and Canada.  CollegeAdvice students have attended such Top Tier colleges and universities as Harvard, Yale, MIT, Princeton, Stanford, Columbia, UPenn, Duke, Brown, Dartmouth, Virginia, Williams, Cornell, Swarthmore, Pomona, Amherst, CalTech, Bowdoin, Carleton, Colgate, UChicago, Boston College, Emory, Davidson, Johns Hopkins, Notre Dame, Wesleyan, Vanderbilt, Middlebury, Michigan, Haverford, Northwestern, Rice, Tufts, Vassar, Bucknell, Wisconsin, Colby, Cal-Berkeley, Lehigh, Lafayette, Trinity, Hamilton, Wake Forest, William & Mary, Washington U in St. Louis, USC, North Carolina, Holy Cross, and dozens of other excellent colleges.  

            What Parents Should Look For in a College Admissions Advisor

Here are some questions to ask yourself of the person who will have an enormous influence on the future of your college-bound student, the one whose future will depend largely on what the advisor recommends:

Will visits be in an office setting or in the comfort of your family home?  Will the sessions involve just the student or involve the family?  Will your student get the personal, individualized attention necessary to the process?  Or will your student just be another person visiting an office?

Do you want a specialist or a general practitioner? Is college admissions advising the advisor’s only job or business?  Or is the advising just a small part of a larger A-to-Z operation, one that doesn’t just specialize in college admissions?  Does a franchise operation best serve your purposes?  Or does it serve its own purposes?

If you are thinking about using a franchise operation, it will only be as good as the people hired by the company. Who is the person who will directly work with your student?  Does the advisor do the work him/herself?  Or does he/she hire someone to perform those duties?  If so, what are the qualifications of those persons? 

How often has the advisor visited the colleges he/she is recommending?  How tuned in to the college admissions process is the advisor?  Does the advisor rely on websites for information?  Or is there personal experience with the colleges?

Is the advisor available 24-7-365?  Will the advisor adjust his/her schedule to fit that of your very busy student?

Is the advisor accredited?  Is the advisor a member of a recognized state and/or national college admissions counseling organization?

How confident do you as a parent feel with the advisor?  How comfortable are you with him/her?

The final question to ask yourself:  can I entrust my student’s future to this advisor?


Just as every student is different and has a college opportunity that is unique to him or her,  the consulting services of CollegeAdvice are tailored to the personal distinctions and requirements of each student.  Subsequently, a fee will be determined by what is needed for the student, be it a full package or individual options within that package.  A fee will usually average between 1/2 of 1% and 2% of the student's total four-year college costs. 

An initial family consulation of about two hours in the comfort of your home is $500.

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